Caring for Your Face in the Winter Months: 6 Suggestions

Living in our part of the country, you know that our long, frigid winter months can play havoc with your face. Your skin can become dry, flaky and sometimes even crack. So, long before you might need any of our surgical procedures, such as eyelid surgery in Glenview or Chicago, we want to pass on six suggestions for protecting your face during winter.

Maximize moisture with a humidifier

Using a humidifier in your home or office adds moisture to dry, winter air and helps keep your skin hydrated. At home, run a humidifier in the rooms where you spend the most time, including the bedroom.

Lower the thermostat

To keep the central heat in your home from drying out your skin, consider setting the thermostat somewhere between 68° and 72°F.

Limit shower/bath time and temperature

In winter, it’s tempting to take a long, hot shower or bath, but it’s really better for your skin to limit yourself to 5 – 10 minutes in lukewarm water.

Use fragrance-free soap

Regular bar soap often contains irritating fragrances. Even soaps labeled “unscented” may actually contain fragrances, so look for soaps that are specifically labeled “fragrance-free.”

Modify your facial care

During winter, use cream-based cleaners and apply toners and astringents sparingly as many astringents contain alcohol that can further dry your skin. Also, applying a moisturizing balm to your lips can help prevent them from getting chapped.

See a dermatologist

A dermatologist like Dr. Adam J. Cohen can analyze your current skincare regimen and give advice on the products that would be best for you.

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