Why A Neck Lift May be Right for You

beautiful woman touching neck with lifting marks isolated on grey

The natural aging process affects elasticity in the skin, which causes drooping and sagging. The drooping is especially noticeable in the neck which can often make you look ten to fifteen years older. A neck lift is a minimally invasive solution to improve the drooping skin and boost your confidence.  If you would like to look years younger after a minimally invasive treatment, a neck lift in Glenview may be right for you.

What is A Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a minimally invasive procedure with fewer incisions and minor pain compared to other facelift procedures. A neck lift can tighten the skin around the jawline and neck creating a smoother, youthful look. A facelift is great for both men and women who are experience loss of elasticity in their neck and have deep lines from the mouth to the jaw. It is important to know that a neck lift will not affect the upper face, so if you are experiencing sagging eyelids or brows, that would be best treated by a brow lift.  

What is the Recovery Period Like with Neck Lift?

Dr. Adam J. Cohen has many years experience in performing a neck lift in Glenview and will make you comfortable during and after the procedure. Recovery time depends from patient to patient but typically patients can return to work after two weeks, and swelling will subside gradually.   

Where to go for a Neck Lift In Glenview?

When you are considering a neck lift, Dr. Adam J. Cohen will explain to you the benefits and processes associated with the procedure. Call our offices today to set up consultation.

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