The Benefits Of Eyelid Lifts

The Benefits Of Eyelid Lifts

One of the first visible signs of aging can occur in the eyelids. When your eyelids’ skin becomes susceptible to fat deposits, the muscles begin to weaken. Your natural appearance may take on one of anger, sadness, or exhaustion—even if you are feeling happy. Discover why having surgery for your droopy eyelids near Glenview is extremely beneficial.


When you opt to get eye surgery, there are multiple benefits that come with it, both for aesthetically pleasing and for functional purposes. These benefits include:

  • Removal of excess skin along the upper eyelids, resulting in firming and tightening of inelastic skin and lax muscles.
  • Removal of fat bulges that start to appear over the eyes: The skin around your eyes can become slack and weighed down by pockets of fat, ultimately causing stretching by the lids. This surgery helps rejuvenate your eye shape.
  • Lifting of heavy and drooping skin for improved vision: Gaining back your vision can be a major motivating factor for someone looking to get eyelid lifts

Migraine Reduction

Besides all the aesthetically pleasing benefits, eyelid lifts can also offer some relief to people who constantly get migraines. This means that after the surgery, some patients reported that their migraines all but disappeared. Headache relief could be a nice side benefit from receiving our eyelid lift surgery. 

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Your eyelids play a key role in your everyday appearance and your droopy eyelids near Glenview can cause you to look tired, even when you are well-rested. In these situations, an eyelid lift, otherwise known as blepharoplasty, can be the perfect solution. Eyelid surgery may sound intimidating, but Dr. Cohen has extensive experience with this procedure, helping hundreds of patients in Chicago and Glenview improve their look with one simple cosmetic procedure. Contact us today if you want to learn more about blepharoplasty.

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