Fix Turned In Eyelids

Your eyelids play a vital role in your overall eye health. Every time you blink, they act like a windshield wiper, keeping dirt and dust out of your eye. They spread moisture over your eyes keeping them clean and healthy.

But, for some people, their eyelids aren’t doing their job properly. They roll inward, and rub the hairs of your eyelashes directly on the eye.

This can lead to irritation, infection, light sensitivity, tearing, redness and pain. If left untreated, you can start to lose vision as the protective layer over your eye is scratched repeatedly by your eyelashes.

The good news is that entropion can be repaired with a simple surgery in most cases. Once the surgery is done you’re just left with healthy, beautiful eyelids that will do their job for years to come.

If you’re suffering with an in-turned eyelid that is causing pain you should consider a consultation with Dr. Cohen. Dr. Cohen can assess your situation, and see if you are a candidate for entropion correction.

Entropion FAQs

Entropion is the medical term for an eyelid that is rolled inward towards the eye.

Turned in eyelids rub the lashes on the eye like a bristled brush making your eyes red, irritated, painful and sensitive to light and wind.

Because the eye is constantly under stress, you may notice that they are excessively tearing and discharging mucous. Over time this can scratch or scar the natural protective layer called the cornea leading to vision impairment and pain.

There are many causes of entropion. Most commonly, it’s caused by weakening eyelid muscles as we age. But it can also be caused by an accident, scarring, previous surgeries or disease.

The best way to understand your entropion is to have a consultation with a surgical eyelid expert such as Dr. Cohen.

Entropion can be corrected surgically. The exact surgical technique used will depend on your unique situation. Dr. Cohen will need to perform a detailed examination and decide on the best course of action.

Most times, the eyelids are tightened to restore the lid to a normal position using tiny hidden incisions.

Entropion is usually covered by your health insurance. If your eyelid is not causing painful symptoms, but you would like a cosmetic change made, insurance will not cover the procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Cohen will assess your situation and determine if insurance will cover the procedure.

Entropion correction is usually performed as an outpatient procedure – so you get to go home on the same day as the operation.

For the first week after surgery, you should avoid strenuous activities. After two weeks, most bruising will subside, and swelling will usually subside after three weeks.

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