Appear Refreshed in the New Year With a Brow Lift

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The New Year can be a fresh new beginning for everyone, so why not start it off with a new beginning for your appearance? Many people know that the normal process of aging can cause your face to droop and lose its natural volume. While fillers and injections are an option, they offer only a temporary fix. A facelift in Lincoln Park can be a solution, however, a facelift typically refers to the tightening of the skin below the nose. A brow lift is an alternative that will tighten the skin above your eyebrows, resulting in smoother skin on your forehead and a younger appearance.  

What to expect with the brow lift?

brow lift differs from a facelift in that it will only affect the shape and tightness of your forehead and eyebrows. There are different types of procedures depending on your personal need but some can be minimally invasive and only requires two small incisions in the hairline. Some patients may be candidates for a traditional brow lift, which does leave a larger scar, but Dr. Cohen can make these appear virtually undetectable. To find out if a brow lift or a facelift in Lincoln Park is right for you, please contact our office to discuss treatment options.

The Results

The typical recovery period of a brow lift is about two to three weeks, however it may be recommended that you abstain from strenuous activity for several weeks after. A brow lift will make the skin above your eyes appear tighter and more youthful allowing you to start the new year with your best face forward.

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