Cheek Implants

Cheek Implants

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and the ability to spring back into shape. This loss of elasticity can cause a sunken or aged appearance in the cheek area. You can restore volume to your face and achieve a more youthful appearance with cheek implants, also known as facial implants or cheek augmentation.

Adam J Cohen, MD is a leading provider of cheek implants in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. He has extensive experience performing cosmetic procedures and can help you achieve your desired results. Whether you’re looking to restore some lost volume, or you’re interested in a full face and neck lift in Chicago, Dr. Cohen is here to help.

If you are considering cheek implants, reach out to Dr. Cohen today to schedule a consultation. He will listen to your goals and expectations and help you decide on the right procedure for your needs.

Cheek Implants: During the Procedure

Cheek implants are typically performed as an outpatient procedure, which means you will be able to go home the same day. This cosmetic surgery usually takes about an hour to complete.

Dr. Cohen will make small incisions on the inside of your mouth or near your ear, depending on your anatomy and preferences. He will then insert the implants through these incisions and position them in your cheek.

After he has carefully positioned the implants, Dr. Cohen will close the incisions with sutures. He will then take you to a recovery area, monitoring you until you’re ready to go home.

Cheek Implants: Before and After the Procedure

One of the most important things to consider before getting cheek implants is the placement of the implants. During your initial consultation, Dr. Cohen will work with you to determine the best placement for your implants based on your goals.

After the procedure, you will likely experience some swelling and bruising. This swelling is normal and will subside within a week or two. You may also have to wear a compression garment to help with swelling.

Once the swelling has gone down, your results will be noticeable. You will likely see an immediate difference in the appearance of your cheeks after the procedure. However, it may take a few months for the full results to be visible. Nevertheless, the results of cheek implants are long-lasting and can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

Cheek Implants FAQs

You may have questions about the procedure if you are considering cheek implants. Dr. Cohen is happy to answer any questions during your initial consultation.

In the meantime, here are some of our most frequently asked questions about cheek implants

The recovery time for cheek implants varies from person to person. However, most people can expect to take about two weeks off from work and other out-of-home activities. During this time, you will likely experience some swelling and bruising.

These side effects will subside within a week or two of the surgical procedure.

Unlike dermal fillers in Chicago, cheek implants are considered a permanent solution for adding volume to the cheeks. While they are a long-lasting solution, you may need to have the implants replaced after 10-15 years as your face begins to change with age.

As with any plastic surgery, there are some risks associated with cheek implant surgery. These risks include infection, nerve damage, and bleeding. However, these risks are rare and can usually be avoided with proper medical care.

The cost of cheek implants varies depending on the surgeon you choose and the location of the surgery. However, most can expect to pay between $3,000 and $5,000 for cheek implants.

Let’s Explore Your Options

If you are interested in learning more about cheek implants, contact Dr. Cohen today to schedule a consultation. He will listen to your goals and concerns and help you decide if this procedure is right for you. Call (847) 834-0390 to get started!

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