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Adam J. Cohen, MD is a premier eyelid and facial plastic surgeon located right in your local Chicago area.Whether you want to have a more youthful, healthy appearance or have a medical condition that is affecting your face and well-being, Dr. Cohen can help you feel and look your best.

The Dr. has had a large impact on many patients like you by redefining their look and enhancing their natural beauty throughout his career. With your face and eyes being the first things people notice about you, you’ll never regret taking the time to improve them.

Experience is Priceless

When searching for the best plastic surgeon, it’s important to choose one with plenty of experience. Receiving any sort of plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure has the potential to be life-changing for your health, happiness, and confidence. Going with the right surgeon will change your entire experience and end result. Dr. Adam Cohen has decades of experience in the industry and can do everything from eyelid surgery, to facial reconstruction after an accident, to minor botox procedures, to removing cancer from the skin.

He has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and studied surgical procedures rigorously and passionately during his residency. He has performed thousands of surgeries on satisfied clients and is approved to perform surgeries at two major hospitals. Seeking treatment from a doctor who is extremely experienced will leave you rest assured that you’ll be receiving a safe procedure that’ll give you superb results.

Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

The benefits of cosmetic, medical, and medspa treatments are endless. To begin with, you can feel a renewed sense of self-confidence. Not all procedures are drastic and invasive; you may find yourself surprised how one little tweak can change your entire look. When you look good, you feel good.

Our team’s services are about much more than just giving you more confidence and improving your appearance; our medical procedures are for your physical health. For example, rhinoplasty may improve your ability to breathe and sleep, removing a mole or piece of skin can keep possible skin cancer from spreading, botox can help with migraines, a DCR can help stop excessive tearing, and ectropion can stop eye irritation and redness. We take pride in improving both your physical and mental health.

Regardless of the procedure you decide is right for you, with our professional guidance, you will feel sure that you’ll leave our spa with a better quality of life.

Our Team

Why Adam J Cohen?

You may be both excited and nervous about taking your first steps. You most likely have a lot of questions or concerns and want to be fully informed before any procedure. This is why it’s best to seek treatment from the best eyelid surgeon in Chicago. Our staff is always glad and willing to relieve any stress and address any questions you have about procedures so you can feel confident when going into them.




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Ready to schedule your beauty treatment?

We also offer free consultations.

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